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Each human soul is unique and the homes those souls inhabit should reflect the intricate differences that make each one so special. Tailoring the structures in which we live out our lives to enhance and elevate the differences that make every human being unique, is the essence behind what Lindsey refers to as the art of soulful living.

This philosophy stems from her deep belief that interiors should artfully balance the masculine and the feminine. Inspired by intertwinings of subtle consistencies between elements that are seemingly so different, her expertly curated designs exist in harmony with their surrounds and beautifully enhance the environment.

Lindsey's approach to design is much like her approach to life: challenge yourself and those around you to think and act outside of the box, so that together we can strive for better and greater things. Be bold, never boring. Take chances. Expand your horizons. And most of all, live to feed your soul.

" If it doesn't come from the soul, then it can never speak to the soul. Without that connection, a house can never be a home." 

- lindsey schultz

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