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who is the woman behind the brand?

10 Things You May or May Not Know About me...

1.  I have chickens. I am in true homesteader at heart. If I had a green thumb I would be growing all my own fruits, vegetables and herbs. And I would have goats so I could craft my own cheeses. But my thumb is brown (it used to be black, so things are improving) and goats are too noisy for my neighborhood. 


2.  I love camping. I have never been afraid to get my hands dirty and I’m always the first one in line when the heavy lifting needs to get done. Not to mention the forced disconnection from tech is liberating.



3.  I am a passionate learner of languages. Through my schooling I had 6 years of French and 2 years of Spanish.


Both languages have been mostly forgotten, but Living in the Southwest has improved my Spanish and having my young son in the French Immersion program at school has renewed my desire to perfect my French language speaking. I spend 30 minutes every morning before the family wakes, practicing on Duolingo.


4. The hotter the better! I am obsessed with hot sauces of all kinds! Everywhere I travel I buy atleast one of the local sauces...if not more! Thai hot is my jam...if I am not sweating through the flavor, then it’s time to turn up the heat!


5. I absolutely LOVE to dance! I dream of traveling the world and learning how to move to the cultural rhythms with the locals.



6. I was once told that in my previous life I was an eccentric Parisian woman who owned an establishment frequented by artists and locals seeking great food and a great party. 



7.  I swear....A LOT. Thank you Dad for your gift of such a passionate and colorful language.



8. I love to write, poetry mostly. Though I am way too self conscious to ever share it...with anyone, ever.



9. Yard work is my place of peace. Landscaper for thank you. Raking up tree litter, pruning and planting has always been a quite, meditative time for me. 



10.  I am a cookbook and recipe hoarder! I adore the culinary arts and have forever been collecting cookbooks and magazine recipes, though I rarely ever follow an exact recipe when cooking is such an art and thus highly subjective to the approach to the final outcome. But baking on the other hand is more of a science. I have never been one to follow a definitive, pre-determined path for anything; however, Martha Stewart’s pancake recipe is known to me by heart and it is a Sunday morning ritual for my son and me. 

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